The Consumer Engagement Principles Online Assessment

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Please take this brief assessment from Capgemini and The Consumer Goods Forum to evaluate your current consumer engagement strategy and business environment in order to help improve consumer trust and learn about areas for improvement based on benchmark research. Completing the assessment and learning your results takes less than 5 minutes. We may use "blinded" aggregated data and user statistics provided through the survey for benchmarking and survey validation purposes. Blinded data is data that does not identify an individual person or company. We may compile, analyse, and/or share this blinded information on an aggregated basis, with Capgemini and The Consumer Goods Forum business partners and agencies for the following general purposes: products and services provision, services improvement, support, research, and anonymous reporting. We do not sell or rent any provided information.:.] Findings, guidelines and other useful information may be posted online at from time to time to help companies benchmark against the industry.    

For each question on the assessment, please use the scale of 1-5, where 1 describes the lowest end and 5 the highest end of the scale for each situation described in the question.

Simple communication

Communicate in clear, simple and easy to understand language

Are your consumer engagement policies clearly articulated in simple, non-legal language (ideally supported by graphical illustrations), available in all relevant languages for your consumers (including locally relevant ethnic languages) and accessible across all touch points?

Value exchange

Inform consumers about the benefits and value that the use of their personal information provides to both businesses and consumers

Are you clearly communicating the benefits to the consumer from the way you use and share their information and how you will deliver the promised benefits?


Inform consumers about what you do with the personal information they provide

Are you clearly communicating the categories of personal information that you collect, how you process it and whether and how you share it with third parties?

Control and access

Enable consumers to easily choose whether and how their personal information is used, and to have access to information on how their personal information is used, and the ability to correct it and/or have it removed

Can consumers access their own personal data, including changing and deleting personal information associated with their profile and controlling the types of communications that they receive from you?

Ongoing dialogue

Listen and respond to consumer feedback about the use of their personal data

Are you continuously listening and responding to consumer feedback about the use of their personal data and adapting your consumer engagement strategy based on that feedback?

Protection of personal information

Protect the integrity, reliability and accuracy of consumers’ personal information and be open about the status of their personal information.

Are you able to protect and secure the privacy of consumers’ personal data, in compliance with your privacy policies and applicable law?

Integrity in social media

Preserve integrity through proper disclosure of commercial interests in social media practices such as ratings, recommendations, endorsements and work with regulatory agencies on alignment of practices and guidelines.

Are you able to ensure that clear and conspicuous disclosures about commercial interests accompany social media activities and whether and how personal information is collected through Social Media?